PHOTONIS Technologies SAS Datasheets for Mass Spectrometers

Mass spectrometers separate ions by their mass-to-charge (m/z) ratios. They are used to identify compounds by the mass of one or more elements in the compound. They are also used to determine the isotopic composition of one or more elements in a compound.
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Product Name Notes
Miniature TOF Detector Photonis Advanced Performance Detectors (APDs) are plug-and-play electo-optic assemblies which provide a complete housing, facilitating manufacturing assembly, repair or replacement to mass spectrometers and other machines. High speed Compact High...
Resistive Glass Capillary Inlet Tubes Photonis designs and manufactures capillary inlet tubes in both single channel and multichannel arrays to improve overall performance of analytical instruments. Increase ion flow into instrument More accurate analysis Increase...
BiPolar TOF Detectors
Co-Axial BiPolar TOF Detectors
Gen2 UltraFast TOF Detector
High Mass Bi-Polar TOF Detector
High Temperature TOF Detector
Off-axis BiPolar TOF Detectors
UltraFast TOF Detector
Photonis provides a wide range of Time of Flight (TOF) detectors to support portable, ultra-fast and bi-polar instruments. Each TOF detector from Photonis is designed to provide the most accurate...
Reflectron Lens The reflectron lens offers a simpler solution to the stacked ring reflectron lens while not sacrificing the segmented ion flow. This unique plug-and-play tube is designed to control positive or...