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AR Replacement Pump Upgrade 2400 PSI -- RMW22G24-PKG

AR Replacement Pump Upgrade 2400 PSI -- RMW22G24-PKG -- View Larger Image
AR Replacement Pump Upgrade 2400 PSI -- RMW22G24-PKG-Image

Suitable Replacement for Excell Pressure Washers with Vertical Shaft using original A07846

  • A14292
  • Radial pump fits vertical shaft models
    Pump shaft Key NOT included (you can get one from your local hardware store 3/16" square key X 1" long), you may need to get new bolts to go thru pump, frame & engine. Your local hardware store will carry these. There are to many different models and bolt size combinations for us to send new bolts for the pump.
    Here is the most common size bolts needed:
    5/16" 18 x 2 1/2" Qty. 2
    5/16" 18 x 3 1/2" Qty. 1
    This pump replaces devilbiss pump models:
    A0108, D24856, D26775, DD26776, D27916, D27983, D27984, D28744, D28745, A01702, A01702, A14527, A14292SV, D21258
    Also DELTA Models: DTH2450, DT2400CS, D2300B, DTT2450, D22306
    Husky : HU80722
  • Can be used to replace MI-T-M pump 3-0290
    Replaces 3-0290

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