Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for AC Power Sources

AC power sources provide alternating power and typically have adjustable output values for the testing of component response at various voltages, current and frequency levels.
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Product Name Notes
Power Supply;Wall Plug-In;120 VAC in;12VAC 500mA out;unregulated -- 70213372
Power Supply;Wall Plug-In;120 VAC in;16VAC 250mA out;unregulated -- 70213373
Power Supply;Wall Plug-In;120 VAC in;24VAC 300mA out;unregulated -- 70213375
Power Supply;Wall Plug-In;120 VAC in;24VAC 450mA out;unregulated -- 70213380
Power Supply;Wall Plug-In;120 VAC in;9VAC 500mA out;unregulated -- 70213370
Features: Listed UL 1310 Class 2 Power Units or UL 1012 Power Supplies, General-Purpose –10 to +40°C Operating Temperature Rated for Continuous Duty Output Cords 6’ Long Other Voltages Available...
Power Supply; AC Type of Power Supply; 0 to 130 VAC; 0 to 4 A (Continuous) -- 70156612 The Global Specialties Model 1505 Dual Output Variable AC Power Source is designed for modern electronic laboratories needing a clean, electronically and galvanically isolated variable line supply. The Model 1505...