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Thrust Washers - GLYCODUR A -- Brand: GLYCODUR®

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Thrust Washers - GLYCODUR A -- Brand: GLYCODUR®-Image

GLYCODUR A thrust washer with 12 mm to 52 mm bore diameters and 16 mm to 78 mm outside diameters. GLYCODUR A sliding material requires initial or periodic greasing and is suitable for dry running and lubricated applications.

GLYCODUR A slide bearings have a copper-plated steel backing and a 0.2 to 0.4 mm thick, sintered-on layer of tin bronze. The key feature of these bearings is the coating polyoxymethylene (POM) layer with its relative thickness of 0.3 mm with lubrication recesses for lubricating grease.

GLYCODUR A slide bearings are therefore insensitive to misalignment and associated edge loading to a certain extent.

The GLYCODUR AB slide bearings correspond to GLYCODUR A slide bearings by design, however their POM coating layer is 0.35 mm thick. This allows subsequent machining of the slide surface by drilling or turning already fitted bushes - also by reaming in special cases. This allows to eliminate misalignments or obtain a reduced bearing clearance.


Product Category
Thrust Bearings
Thrust Washer
Aerospace; Agriculture; Automotive; Airframe / Aircraft Control; Medical / Dental; Military; Brakes, Clutches, Cylinders, Hinges, Joint Bearings, Lever Systems, Pumps, Seat Adjusters, Shaft bearings, Shock Absorbers, Solenoids, Transmissions
Design Units
0.4724 to 2.0472 inch (12.000 to 52.000 mm)
Outside Diameter
Overall Width
Bearing / Retainer Specialty Material