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Heavy Duty Bowmet® Thrust Washers

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Due to the load, wear characteristics and higher PV value, this material is ideally suited to mining equipment, heavy construction equipment, off road vehicles, quarrying equipment, aircraft landing gear, oil and gas drilling equipment, heavy military vehicles, materials handling equipment, heavy duty production machinery, racing engines, steel mill rolls, injection moulding machines, scissor lifts and marine applications. Bearings in ToughMet®, when used in these applications have greatly increased life, combated corrosion and have carried higher loads and enabled higher speeds than existing bearings, resulting in fewer warranty claims, longer maintenance cycles, better reliability, reduced down time and lower maintenance costs.

Product Category
Thrust Bearings
Bearing Design
Thrust Washer
Aerospace; Automotive; Airframe / Aircraft Control; Military
Design Units

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Outside Diameter
Bearing / Retainer Specialty Material