Behlman Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Power Frequency Converters

Power frequency converters take electrical input power at one frequency and voltage and provide electrical output power at a different frequency and at a different or equal voltage.
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Product Name Notes
BL Plus Series -- BL+120-3
BL Plus Series -- BL+25-1
BL Plus Series -- BL+30-3
BL Plus Series -- BL+60-3
Easy installation, small size, quiet operation, and high efficiency
PassPort Series -- P1350 CE Low cost, quiet operation and high efficiency
ACP Series -- ACP-1500
ACP Series -- ACP-250
ACP Series -- ACP-3000
ACP Series -- ACP-3X100
ACP Series -- ACP-3X500
ACP Series -- ACP-750
Low distortion, wide bandwidth linear amplifier, front panel programming
BL 5000C-X-4254-IC
Multi pulse input transformer for low input current THD
ACM Series -- ACM-1000
ACM Series -- ACM-1500
ACM Series -- ACM-250
ACM Series -- ACM-3000
ACM Series -- ACM-3X250
ACM Series -- ACM-3X350
ACM Series -- ACM-3X500
ACM Series -- ACM-750
Plug in oscillator offers flexibility, low output distortion
BL 1350 Family -- BL1350B-1
BL 1350 Family -- BL1350C-2
BL 1350 Family -- BL1350C-4
BL 1350 Family -- BL1350pf
BL HP Series -- BL10000
BL HP Series -- BL12000
BL HP Series -- BL15000
BL HP Series -- BL20000
BL HP Series -- BL3100
BL HP Series -- BL3200
BL HP Series -- BL3300
BL HP Series -- BL3X350
BL HP Series -- BL4500
BL HP Series -- BL5000
BL HP Series -- BL5100
BL HP Series -- BL6000
BL HP Series -- BL7000
BL HP Series -- BL9200
PassPort Series -- P1350
PassPort Series -- P1351
PassPort Series -- P1352
PassPort Series -- P2001
PassPort Series -- P2002
Small size, low cost, quiet operation and high efficiency
TFC10000C-4690 Transportable, rugged, 3 phase 400 Hz to 3 phase 60 Hz frequency converter
BL3200C-1-E-L / BL5000C-1-E-T5D-L-42-00 Two Behlman units custom installed into one rack