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Slide-action fuse carrier available in Wired or Cartridge fuse styles.
Ideal for any high vibration application including portable or vehicle mounted applications. Wired types accept any BS (IEE) or IEC recommended copper fuse wire. Miniature cartridge fuse types available for 1 1/4 in. or 20mm miniature fuses and feature sprung fuse contacts for extra vibration resistance. Contacts are nickel-plated brass for wired types, silver plated phosphor-bronze for cartridge fuse types. BS711 grade phenolic body construction. A DIN rail adaptor is available to convert these surface mounting units to rail mounting types using a single screw, compatible with ‘top hat’ style BS 5584 (EN50 022, DIN 46277-3) format DIN rail
Anti Vibration = Yes
Current Rating = 5A
Voltage Rating = 250V
Case Material = Phenolic


Product Category
Fuse Holders
Normal Operating Current
5 amps
Rated Operating Voltage
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