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Wear-resistant polyurethane contilan belt with high grade wire tension members. Resulting bond gives high flank load capacity combined with low elastic elongation. Suitable for all kinds of drives because of flexibility of belt material and high flexural strength of the steel tension members.
Belt speed up to 80m/s. Up to 40000rpm. Temperature range -30°C to +80°C. Efficient up to 98%. Maintenance-free. Resistant to oils, grease and petrol. Power rating 0.5kW (2.5mm pitch). Power rating 5.0kW (5mm pitch)
Length = 317.5mm
Width = 6mm
Pitch = 2.5mm
Number of Teeth = 127
Material = Polyurethane
Maximum Speed = 80m/s
Tooth Height = 0.7mm
Minimum Operating Temperature = -30°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +80°C


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