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A compact and highly efficient motor controller for the RS Pro range of centrifugal micro-pumps. The EQi controller accepts and input voltage of up to 30 volts and pump speed can be controlled from a potentiometer on the board or via a 0-5v external signal. With voltages above 12v the controller works to maintain a constant flow despite the increase in back pressure helping to provide a flatter flow â€" pressure curve. Installation is easy, simply wire the two input terminals, attach the three outputs to the micro-pump and set the jumper position for on board speed control or control via an external 0-5v signal.
Compatible Pump Type = Brushless Micropump
Supply Voltage = 12 V
Connection = 2 Screw Terminal (Input), 3 Screw Terminal (Output)
Maximum Fluid Temperature = +80°C
Maximum Output Pressure = 0.55bar

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