ITT Compact Automation Datasheets for Linear Thrusters

Linear thrusters use double-acting pneumatic cylinders or hydraulic cylinders mated to shafts and plates to provide reoccurring linear motion They are used in conveying, inspection systems, and lifting applications, or to apply thrust load
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Product Name Notes
Guided Cylinders -- GC 2000 Features: Compact envelope Two external guide rods Oil impregnated guide bushings Two mounting surfaces and a large tooling plate.
Guided Slides -- GS_10
Guided Slides -- GS_12
Guided Slides -- GS_20
Guided Slides -- GS_32
Guided Slides -- GS_8
Features: Slim compact Design High load capacity, long life 5 Bore sizes Stroke lengths up to 75mm (3”) Longer strokes available upon request Imperial and metric mounting styles Self-lubricating composite...
Guided Air Cylinders -- GC 3000 GC3000 features two long guide bushings in the head end. The guide rods do not extend beyond the back of the cylinder body, thus providing a short overall length and...
Guided Air Cylinders -- GC 4000 GC4000 features four long guide bushings, two per end. The guide rods extend beyond the back of the cylinder body so when the cylinder extends, four point support reduces deflection...
GRC Guide Rod Cylinders Turn-Act guided cylinders combine high strength, lightweight extruded bodies and the rigid support of composite or roller ball bearings with enersorb piston to provide an unparalleled guided cylinder product. Features:...