ESPEC North America Inc | Qualmark Products and Services Datasheets for Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms

Environmental test chambers and rooms are used to ensure the reliability of industrial products, especially electronic items, through prolonged exposure to one or more environmental parameters.
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Product Name Notes
Benchtop Chamber SU Series -- SU-221
Benchtop Chamber SU Series -- SU-241
Benchtop Chamber SU Series -- SU-261
Benchtop Chamber SU Series -- SU-641
Benchtop Chamber SU Series -- SU-661
Are you looking for the smallest chamber possible to get your testing done? Hate the footprint and noise of other temperature chambers? This is the model series for you!
Benchtop Chamber SH Series -- SH-221
Benchtop Chamber SH Series -- SH-261
Benchtop Chamber SH Series -- SH-661
Are you looking for the smallest humidity chambers possible to get your testing done? Still need all the capabilities of larger chambers, though? This is the model series for you!
Compact Ultra-Low Temperature Chamber MC Series -- MC-711
Compact Ultra-Low Temperature Chamber MC Series -- MC-811
Despite its compact size, the MC series can achieve low temperatures of -75 or -85°C the lowest range of it's class. On the high end, 100 or 180°C can be...
Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Chamber -- ESS5 Environmental stress screening (ESS) is also known as Burn-in, AST (Accelerated Stress Testing), HALT (Highly Accelerated Stress Test), or HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening). Whatever the name, the idea is...
Altitude Chambers ESPEC can provide custom-built chambers for simultaneous testing of temperature and low-pressure altitude conditions. Two common applications are: Testing of avionics or other aerospace equipment to simulate actual conditions it...
Thermal Shock Chamber -- TSD-100 ESPEC developed the TSD-100 with an interior of 28"x16", while strictly limiting the overall size of the system. The footprint is reduced by 40%, as well as lowering power demand...
Rain and Spray Chambers ESPEC is making it easier to do rain and spray testing by offering a standard design chamber, based on published and proprietary test methods. A standardized design, based on specific...
114 Cubic Foot Chamber Agree Series -- ET114
15 Cubic Foot Chamber Agree Series -- ET15
34 Cubic Foot Chamber Agree Series -- ET34
46 Cubic Foot Chamber Agree Series -- ET46
64 Cubic Foot Chamber Agree Series -- ET64
84 Cubic Foot Chamber Agree Series -- ET84
For years AGREE chambers have been the workhorses of the environmental test chamber industry. Originally created to meet military test standards, their flexible design has made them suitable for a...
Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) Chamber -- EHS-212M
Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) Chamber -- EHS-212MD
Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) Chamber -- EHS-222M
Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) Chamber -- EHS-222MD
Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) Chamber -- EHS-412M
Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) Chamber -- EHS-412MD
Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) Chamber -- EHS-431M
HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) chambers reduce the time it takes to complete humidity testing for semiconductors. By elevating temperatures above 100°C and increasing the pressure, simulation of normal humidity...
Solid Wak-in Test Chamber -- EWS183
Solid Wak-in Test Chamber -- EWS364
Solid Wak-in Test Chamber -- EWS499
Most walk-in chambers are limited to 85°C or less, but EWS "solid" models can go to 150°C to accommodate extreme test conditions. Also desirable for temperature-cycling faster than 10°C/min. EWS...
Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Chamber -- ESS85 Our ESS85 Series chambers have set the industry standard for performance, throughput and flexibility. The fixtured cart allows a variety of products to be tested, multiple carts for faster loading/unloading...
Liquid Thermal Shock Chamber TSB Series -- TSB-21
Liquid Thermal Shock Chamber TSB Series -- TSB-51
Purchasing a liquid thermal shock chamber needs close consideration of the long term operating costs. The specialized liquids used can easily evaporate, causing the loss of thousands of dollars of...
Production Specific Accelerated Stress Test System -- QFusion® QFusion® (patented) ushers in a new era of product reliability management during the manufacturing process. By fusing accelerated stress testing and Burn-in into one powerful system, Qualmark has engineered breakthrough...
HALT/HASS Environmental Chamber -- Typhoon Inferno™ Qualmark’s Inferno is a HALT system specifically configured for testing the durability of instrumentation, tools and electronics that will face harsh environments - such as oil and gas exploration. The...
HALT/HASS Environmental Chamber -- Typhoon 2.5 Inferno Qualmark’s Inferno series has been specifically designed for accelerated testing of sophisticated devices that are destined for harsh operating environments. Our Infernos combine extreme thermal capability (+250ºC to -100˚C) with...
HALT/HASS Environmental Chamber -- Typhoon 2.5 Plus Qualmark’s NEW Typhoon 2.5 Plus is a popular chamber with a 30”x 30” vibration table. This table size is good for Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) applications and many Highly...
Stability Walk-in Chamber -- ESPB1040
Stability Walk-in Chamber -- ESPB364
Stability Walk-in Chamber -- ESPB499
Stability Walk-in Chamber -- ESPB634
Stability Walk-in Chamber -- ESPB770
Stability Walk-in Chamber -- ESPB904
Stability walk-in rooms are an ESPEC North America specialty, designed for light-duty testing or long-term steady-state evaluation of pharmaceuticals and other products.
Benchtop Test Chamber Criterion -- BTZ-133
Benchtop Test Chamber Criterion -- BTZ-175
Benchtop Test Chamber Criterion -- BTZ-175E
The ESPEC Criterion benchtop temperature chamber series provides a economical and space-saving solution for a variety of temperature testing requirements. The chamber's 1.5 cu. ft. interior size is 3.5 inches...
Settling Dust Chamber -- EDC-27
Settling Dust Chamber -- EDC-54
The ESPEC EDC dust chambers provide a ready-made solution to common dust test standards for automotive and electronic-cabinet requirements. Often specified for use with "Arizona fine dust", these units can...
Benchtop Chamber Lab Series -- LHU-113
Benchtop Chamber Lab Series -- LU-113
The ESPEC Lab Series environmental chambers are compact and reliable, suitable for a wide variety of applications. Pharmaceutical, automotive, materials, and electronic industries have all found these models to be...
Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Chamber -- ESS22
Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Chamber -- ESS35
The ESS22/35 Series offers high volume horizontal airflow for rack systems. The chambers can be adapted to many product configurations and provide manual, automatic robotic interface. A variety of methods...
Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Chamber -- ESS11 The ESS5/11 Series provides the unique capability of stress screening products in a small, lab-type chamber. Pre-qualification for ESS, troubleshooting, and small scale ESS programs would all benefit from high...
Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber -- ETS13-3CW
Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber -- ETS13-5CW
Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber -- ETS4-1CW
Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber -- ETS4-2CW
Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber -- ETS4-3CW
The ETS thermal shock chamber is a high quality design with an advanced touch screen controller and an innovative hot/cold transfer system. It is designed to meet strict Mil-Std test...
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENL42-15CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENL42-6CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENL60-12CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENL60-6CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENU42-15CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENU42-6CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENU60-12CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENU60-6CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENX42-15CW
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENX42-15CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENX42-6CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENX60-12CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENX60-15CW
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENX60-30CW
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENX60-6CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENZ42-15CW
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENZ42-15CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENZ42-6CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENZ60-12CWL
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENZ60-15CW
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENZ60-30CW
Temperature/Humidity Chamber Platinum Series -- ENZ60-6CWL
The Platinum series are top quality temperature/humidity chambers in four larger sizes than our popular Platinous and Global-N lines. More powerful heating and cooling systems on these models ensure prompt...
HALT/HASS Environmental Chamber -- Typhoon 1.5 The Typhoon 1.5, with its 18” x 18” vibration table, is perfect for performing Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) on small products, or where limited lab space is available. This...
HALT/HASS Environmental Chamber -- Typhoon 2.0 The Typhoon 2.0, with its 24” x 24” vibration table, is perfect for performing Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) on small products, or where limited lab space is available. This...
HALT/HASS Environmental Chamber -- Typhoon 3.0 The Typhoon 3.0 is the most popular chamber in the AST industry and is specifically designed to help the customer who is performing low volume HASS and needs a chamber...
HALT/HASS Environmental Chamber -- Typhoon 8.0 The Typhoon 8.0 doubles the width of our popular Typhoon 4.0 chamber. The thermal system in the Typhoon series has been carefully engineered to have superior thermal efficiency. Key design...
Non-Nitrogen HALT Chamber -- EQGNZ27-12NWL2.5
Non-Nitrogen HALT Chamber -- EQGNZ27-15NW2.5
Non-Nitrogen HALT Chamber -- EQGNZ27-6NAL2.5
Non-Nitrogen HALT Chamber -- EQZ4-3NAL1.5
This new HALT system with ESPEC cascade refrigeration eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen (LN2), making basic HALT testing possible for customers and locations where traditional HALT systems just aren’t...
HALT/HASS Environmental Chamber -- Typhoon 4.0 This system is designed specifically for the task of performing Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) and HALT on large products. With the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership within the AST...
Temperature Cycling Chamber, Global-N -- EGNZ4-5NWL P-300 touch-screen programmer with USB port High performance, reliable Copeland Scroll compressors* Lower sound levels, even for air-cooled models (click on model numbers to see specs) One 4" (100mm) diameter...