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RBC Benchtop Burn-In Oven -- RBC1-50 Nitrogen

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RBC Benchtop Burn-In Oven -- RBC1-50 Nitrogen-Image
RBC Benchtop Burn-In Oven

Despatch’s RBC Burn-In Benchtop Ovens offer maximum flexibility for small lot qualification testing, burn-in, reliability testing, and research and development.


The stackable burn-in benchtop ovens allow users to run concurrent tests utilizing different temperatures or different cycle times. They are ideal for qualification testing with small lots, because a new test may be started on the second chamber while the first test is still in progress. This oven configuration is designed to maximize throughput and equipment utilization.

Small Footprint

The oven may be placed on a benchtop, or stacked to conserve valuable floorspace. The small footprint makes these ovens ideal for test labs or production areas where space is at a premium.

Easy to use Controls

Controls are easy to use for both simple and complex applications. Single and multiple temperature applications can be started with the push of a button. Temperature profiling is controlled by up to 4 programs, with 10 ramp and soak segments in each program. A real time clock allows for automatic oven start up based on a specific date and time.

Thermal Dissipation

High volume recirculation fans maintain consistent, uniform temperatures required by MIL STD 883 while removing heat generated by the load. Despatch’s stackable burn-in benchtop ovens are ideal for high dissipation applications.


Product Category
Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms
Floor; Other; Stackable
Temperature Control
Temperature Range
50 to 260 C (122 to 500 F)
18.0 inch (457 mm)
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