Linear Limit Switches from RS Components, Ltd.


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Cherry DB series microswitches are high precision switches that offer a high repeat accuracy. The DB series features a long mechanical life and can operate at high temperatures.
Rated for currents up to 10 amp at 250VAC. Range of auxiliary actuators available. Mechanical life: up to 15 x 106 operations. Wide variety of terminal types available. V4 case size
Actuator Type = Button
Terminal Type = Through Hole
Contact Current Rating = 6 A @ 250 V ac
Contact Configuration = SPDT-NO/NC
Operating Force = 1.47 N
Minimum Operating Temperature = -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +120°C
Contact Material = Gold, Silver Alloy
Mechanical Life = 15000000Operations
Operating Temperature Range = -40 - +120°C


Product Category
Linear Limit Switches
Normal State
Normally Open; Normally Closed
Switch Configuration
Single Pole, Double Throw (SPDT); SPDT-NO/NC
Linear Actuator Types
Pushbutton or Plunger; Button
Maximum Current Rating
6 amps
Operating Force
Mechanical Life Minimum
Operating Temp
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