Plate Beamsplitters from MOXTEK, Inc.

Wire-Grid Polarizing Beamsplitter -- ProFLux® PBF-UF Series

Wire-Grid Polarizing Beamsplitter -- ProFLux® PBF-UF Series -- View Larger Image
Wire-Grid Polarizing Beamsplitter -- ProFLux® PBF-UF Series-Image

Moxtek® Nanowire® Technology beamsplitters offer wide angular aperture, excellent performance, and exceptional reliability offering engineers more design options. Recommended uses include polarization recovery and pre-polarization in all liquid crystal projection displays, and as the imaging beamsplitter for certain single panel LCOS and near eye display architectures.

PBF-UF Ultra Flat Beamsplitter
The PBF-UF beamsplitter is the best performing beamsplitter, capable of meeting the most demanding requirements of projection display uniformity, color alignment, and overlay. The cut part flatness can be controlled to <2λ/in to minimize wavefront error.


Product Category
Plate Beamsplitters
Beamsplitter Incidence
45° Incidence
Beamsplitter Type
Beamsplitter Shape
1.5 to 1.7 mm (0.0591 to 0.0669 inch)
Wavelength Range
Beamsplitter Coating
Coating Type