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The BRIDGET, LILY and CINDY series from LEDiL, are a family of LED reflectors with a 22.6 mm diameter. They have a hexagonal shape with a round beam. This range of reflectors offer a variety of beam angles from spot to wide, whilst maintaining a uniform output. Made using aluminium coated PC, the BRIDGET, LILY and CINDY reflectors can operate to high temperatures. They can be fastened to the PCB using an appropriate adhesive. BRIDGET, LILY and CINDY reflectors have been designed and optimised for use with a variety of LEDs. Due to the rapidly changing nature of LED products customers are strongly advised to consult the latest manufacturer data for compatible LEDs.
The viewing angle produced (the full angle measured at the half peak luminous intensity value) will vary depending on the chip size, colour and position of the LED.
Series = Bridget
Beam Angle = 54 (CLU700 - Citizen) °, 60 (CXA/B 15xx - Cree) °, 61 (Soleriq P9 - Osram) °, 62 (CLL02x/CLU024 - Citizen) °, 62 (CXM-9 - Luminus) °, 62 (Mini Zenigata (GW5BM) - Sharp) °, 63 (BXRA ES Star - Bridgelux) °
Dimensions = 22.6 x 12.8mm
For Use With = BXRA ES Star (Bridgelux), CLL02x/CLU024 (Citizen), CLU700 (Citizen), CXA/B 15xx (Cree), CXM-9 (Luminus), Mini Zenigata (GW5BM) (Sharp), Soleriq P9 (Osram)
Fixing Method = Glue
Diameter = 22.6mm
Height = 12.8mm

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