Umicore Coating Services Ltd. Datasheets for Optical Bandpass Filters

Optical bandpass filters are designed to transmit a specific waveband. They are composed of many thin layers of dielectric materials, which have differing refractive indices to produce constructive and destructive interference in the transmitted light.
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Product Name Notes
IR narrow bandpass filters are designed to isolate a narrow region of the infrared spectrum between 0.85um and 10um, and are used in a variety of application such as gas...
Umicore Coating Services designs and manufactures all dielectric multi-layer interference filters from 0.85 µm to 16 µm. Depending on the waveband of interest the filters may be manufactured on a...
Wide bandpass filters are designed to isolate a wide spectral band and exhibit high peak transmission in the passband. TypicallyT>80% average. Available wavelengths are 1um - 15um.