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Performance based on BS6840:Part 17:1991 & IEC 268-17:1990, which cover dynamic characteristics, frequency response, harmonic distortion, input impedance and temperature range. Calibrated for use with a 3.6kΩ resistor 4VU above the scale marking so that reference deflection (0VU) is produced by a signal 4VU above 1mW in 600Ω (1.228V). Transparent acrylic front and polystyrene (SAN) rear body moulding with various bezels available separately. Taut band core magnet movement housed in a 26mm diameter barrel occupies minimum behind panel space. Rear zero adjustment screw. Connections via 6mm tag terminals (High Specification - M4 bolt terminals). Meters do not suffer from calibration interference when mounted on ferrous panels. Black ABS front and behind panel mounting bezels, supplied separately. Dual meter scale indicates -20 to 3dB and 0 to 100%. Rear mounting 12V bulb top-lighting assemblies are available for rear mounted meters. Operating temperature range â€"25 to +55°C. Panel cut-out for barrel Ø 27mm, fixing stud size M2.5 x 10mm
Current Type = AC
Cutout Size = 26 (Dia.) mm
Cutout Height = 59mm
Cutout Width = 76mm
Minimum Temperature = -25°C
Maximum Temperature = +55°C
Meter Type = Moving Coil

Manufacturer Part Number
IS 11179
Product Category
Analog Voltmeters
Measurement Type
Device Performance
Operating Temp
-25 to 55 C (-13 to 131 F)

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