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DQB permanent-magnet moving-coil instruments measure direct currents. If a meter rectifier is used, the average value of a rectified alternating current can also be determined. Measurement accuracy: Class 1.5 (= max. error 1.5% of final value). Front: 96 x 96 mm. For 92 x 92 mm standardised front panel cut-out (up to 6 mm thick). With front zero-point regulator. Protection rating IP52. Incl. pre-mounted, replaceable scale. Incl. mounting frame, terminal cover. Measuring range expanded with shunt 60 mV
Current Type = DC
Cutout Size = 92 x 92 mm
Cutout Height = 92mm
Cutout Width = 92mm
Maximum Displayed Value = 500V
Meter Accuracy = Class 1.5
Depth = 53mm
Maximum Temperature = +23°C
Meter Type = Moving Coil
Measurement Range = 500V


Product Category
Analog Voltmeters
Measurement Type
Operating Temp
23 C (73.4 F)
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