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The cable identifier for simple, quick and permanent self-labelling of cables. The cable identifier is simply wrapped around the cable. A clear film protects the writing area from mechanical influences. The identifier consists of:. 1. Patented transparent pressure part. 2. White labelling area. 3. Transparent protective part. In a handy pocket pack for on-site installation. Material: PV 006, self-adhesive soft PVC, 0.08 mm thick. Characteristics: Temperature stable from -30 °C â†' +120 °C, permanent adhesive strength, resistant to dirt, water, alcohol, petroleum-based oils.
Affixing Method = Adhesive
Maximum Cable Diameter = 14mm
Colour = White
Length = 75mm
Width = 25 mm
Quantity = 60
Material = Vinyl
Minimum Operating Temperature = -54°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +82°C
Resistant To = Alkalis, Salts, Solvents, Water


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Wire Markers and Cable Markers
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