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LFH Ovalgrip (LFHO) cable markers are manufactured from a specially compounded material which has excellent low toxicity, low flammability and low smoke properties. They have a specially designed profile that allows a single size to easily fit a range of cable diameters. The markers do not produce toxic fumes in a fire situation as they do not contain halogens, nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorous. LFHO has all the advantages of standard Ovalgrip but is designed for use in applications where limited fire hazard properties are required.
Features and benefits. • Low smoke emission, low flammability and low toxicity. • Zero halogen. • Oval shaped, allowing one size to fit a range of cable diameter. • Straight cut for easy alignment. • Characters available are 0-9, A-Z, and standard electrical symbols
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Minimum Cable Diameter = 1.8mm
Maximum Cable Diameter = 6.3mm
Colour = Black on Yellow
Length = 4mm
Quantity = 250
Material = PVC
Minimum Operating Temperature = -65°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +105°C


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Wire Markers and Cable Markers
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