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The TLFX cable markers are made from a rail approved 2:1 heat shrink material, polyolefin cross-linked (PO-X). They are supplied as a continuous tube that is printable on both sides and can be perforated at pre-determined lengths or fully severed. These heat shrink cable markers are compatible with the TrakMark DS or TT4000+ printers.
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Minimum Cable Diameter = 6.4mm
Maximum Cable Diameter = 12.7mm
Colour = Yellow
Length = 18m
Material = Cross Linked Polyolefin
Minimum Operating Temperature = -55°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +105°C
Fire Behaviour = Halogen Free
Standards Met = BS 6853:1999, BS EN ISO 4589-2, DIN 53438-3, DIN 5510-2, EN 45545-2, EN ISO 11925-2, HF Certification, LFH Certification, NF F 16-101, NF X 70-100-1, NF X 70-100-2, UNI CEI 11170-3


Product Category
Wire Markers and Cable Markers
Polyolefin; Cross Linked Polyolefin
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