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Precision Locknut - 30° Locking -- MF 150x2

Precision Locknut - 30° Locking -- MF 150x2 -- View Larger Image
Precision Locknut - 30° Locking -- MF 150x2-Image

The series MF locknut is designed with three locking inserts (pegs) that intersect the bore with an angle of 30o. This series is produced with tolerance class ISO 4H ground threads and is available in sizes 12 to 200 mm bore.

Product Category
Precision Locknuts
Design Units
Thread Specifications
Thread Direction
Right Hand Thread. (optional feature); Left Hand Thread. (optional feature)
Major Thread Diameter
5.91 inch (150 mm)
Threads per Inch (English) or Pitch (Metric)
2 #
Locking Face Diameter
7.09 inch (180 mm)

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Overall Locknut Diameter
Locknut Width
Bearing Locknut
Bearing Bore Size
Locking Style

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