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Hot Mirror for Heat Control -- HM-VS-950 Commercial

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Hot Mirror for Heat Control -- HM-VS-950 Commercial-Image

Most light sources produce more heat (infrared energy) than light. By placing a hot mirror in the beam path the infrared (heat) energy can be reflected away and the visible energy transmitted. Unlike heat absorbing glasses which are susceptible to breaking, have size limitation, and low visible transmission; the HM-VS-950, formerly known as #103 Hot Mirror, is of all dielectric multilayer construction, has higher visible transmission, reflects the I.R. energy and is available in sizes up to 24” in diameter. Should your application require the enhance-ment of U.V. blocking or extended I.R. reflection see HM-VS-1500 Hot Mirror. If color balance is of concern see HM-VS-1150 Color Neutral Hot Mirror.

Product Category
Optical Mirrors
Mirror Types
Flat Mirror
Wavelength Range
400 to 950 nm (4000 to 9500 Å)
610 mm (24 inch)

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