Sena Technologies Datasheets for Network Servers

Network servers control and manage network resources such as files, printers, users, groups, etc.
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Product Name Notes
Parani™-MSP -- Parani-MSP100 Connects Bluetooth devices to 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
HelloDevice Pro Series -- PS110
HelloDevice Pro Series -- PS110B
HelloDevice Pro Series -- PS410
HelloDevice Pro Series -- PS810
HelloDevice Secure Terminal Series -- STS1600
HelloDevice Secure Terminal Series -- STS400
HelloDevice Secure Terminal Series -- STS800
HelloDevice Super Series -- SS100
HelloDevice Super Series -- SS100B
Connects legacy serial devices to 10/100Base-T Ethernet networks
HelloDevice Lite Series -- LS100
HelloDevice Lite Series -- LS100B
HelloDevice Lite Series -- LS100W
Connects legacy serial devices to 10Base-T Ethernet or WiFi network
Device Server -- RHIO232 RS232 serial connection with Sena Device/Terminal Servers
Embedded Device Server Module -- Nemo10 Single-chip DIL type Ethernet controller for onboard installation
Device Server -- RHIO10 Supports 10Base-T Ethernet network connection