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Floor Scales and Heavy-Duty Scales -- PFA266 Floor Scale

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Floor Scales and Heavy-Duty Scales -- PFA266 Floor Scale-Image

Scale material Stainless steel
Accessories Ramps, instrument columns
Capacity - Size
1,000 lb 36"x36"
2,500 lb 36"x36", 48"x48", 60"x60"
5,000 lb 48"x48", 60"x60"
PFA266 Floor Scale

Washdown Applications
The PFA266 floor scale features a rugged, stainless steel construction for use in wet or dry environments. It is suitable for small food companies and other facilities where light washdown is required.

PFA266 Floor Scale

Safety Tread Plate
The standard weighing platform is made of stainless steel tread plate. This non-slip surface provides safe footing for workers.

PFA266 Floor Scale

Precalibrated Option
As an option, the PFA266 floor scale can be supplied with a scale terminal that is precalibrated at the factory. This convenient feature lets you use the scale straight out of the box with minimal setup.

PFA266 Floor Scale

Optional Ramps
Ramps are available to provide easy access to all four sides of the scale. They eliminate the need to lift heavy loads, allowing them to be wheeled onto the scale platform safely and easily.