Protective Relays and Monitoring Relays from RS Components, Ltd.


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HUL and HUH control relays are designed to control AC or DC voltages. They automatically recognise the shape of the DC or AC signal (50 Hz or 60 Hz).
Control of AC and DC voltages. Automatic recognition of AC-DC. Measurement ranges from 0.2 V to 600 V. Choice between under and overvoltage. True RMS measurement. Selectable latching (memory) function
Monitoring Application = Voltage
Supply Voltage = 24 - 240 V ac/dc
Contact Configuration = DPDT
Voltage Sensitivity = Overvoltage, Undervoltage
Voltage Sensing Range = 0.2 - 60 V
Time Delay = 0.1 - 3 s
Length = 65.5mm
Maximum Voltage Sensed = 60V
Minimum Voltage Sensed = 0.2 V
Width = 35mm

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