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Schneider Electric RM17 U single-phase and direct current voltage control relays that monitor over-voltage and under-voltage, with or without memory, or that operate in window mode. The overvoltage and undervoltage threshold values are adjusted via two graduated potentiometers that directly read the Un being monitored.
Checks its own power supply. Clear hinged front cover. LED display of output status. DIN Rail mounting
Monitoring Application = Voltage
Supply Voltage = 110 - 240 V ac/dc
Contact Configuration = SPDT
Voltage Sensitivity = Overvoltage, Self Powered, Undervoltage
Electrical Phase = 1
Voltage Sensing Range = 65 - 260 V ac/dc
Time Delay = 0.1 - 10 s
CAD Drawing = 3D CAD Model
Minimum Voltage Sensed = 65 V ac/dc
Width = 17.5mm

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