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3 phase voltage controllers which monitor:- Undervoltage, adjustable from -2% to -20% of Under voltage,- Overvoltage, adjustable from 2% to 20% of Under Voltage,- Presence of the neutral (H3USN only), Measurements are taken between Phases for the H3US - M3US and between Phases and Neutral for the H3USN, Faults are signalled via LEDs, distinguishing the origin of the fault (one LED for the upper and lower threshold).
H3US and M3US relays control overvoltage between phases, and undervoltage between phases. The H3USN relay controls overvoltage between phases, undervoltage between phases, and loss of neutral. Multi-voltage Products . True RMS measurement. LED status indication
Monitoring Application = Voltage
Supply Voltage = 220 - 480 V ac
Contact Configuration = DPDT
Voltage Sensitivity = Overvoltage, Undervoltage
Electrical Phase = 3
Voltage Sensing Range = 194 - 528 V ac
Time Delay = 0.3 - 30 s
Height = 92.6mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +50°C
Operating Temperature Range = -20 - +50 °C


Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Protective Relays and Monitoring Relays
Operating Temp
122 F (50 C)
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