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The IL9075/001 monitors all three fuses in the three-phase network to produce, for example, an automatic shutoff and switch lock of a three-phase motor if one or more of the phase fuses fails (in accordance with IEG 55, VDE 0435).
Recognises fuse failures in three-phase networks up to 440 V. Failure notification even with loads switched off. Usable for all types and sizes of fuses. Independent of rotational direction. No abnormal behaviour even in asymmetrical networks with harmonics, or with regenerative motors. Shorter response time than motor protection circuit breakers. Internal resistance >1 MΩ. Rest current principle. 2 LED displays. 2 changeovers. 35 mm overall width
Monitoring Application = Phase
Supply Voltage = 400 - 440 V ac
Contact Configuration = DPDT
Electrical Phase = 3
Time Delay = <50 ms
Maximum Operating Temperature = +60°C
Height = 90mm
Dimensions = 59 x 35 x 90 mm
Length = 59mm
Width = 35mm

Product Category
Protective Relays and Monitoring Relays
Operating Temp
140 F (60 C)

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