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The BA9053 / 410 current relay is a static measurement relay with isolated measurement and auxiliary circuits. It is suitable for monitoring direct and alternating currents (compensated to effective value). The response value is adjusted, and the fallback value is adjusted by hysteresis. The device operates as an overcurrent relay with adjustable time delay, but can also be used as an undercurrent relay (as per IEC 255, VDE 0345).
For DC and AC. Three measurement ranges: 0.1 â†' 1 A, 0.5 â†' 5 A, 1 â†' 10 A. Working current principle. High overload capacity. Permissible measurement frequency up to 400 Hz. 1 changeover. LED indicates operational readiness and contact position
Monitoring Application = Current
Supply Voltage = 230 V ac
Contact Configuration = SPDT
Minimum Current Sensed = 0.1A
Maximum Current Sensed = 10A
Time Delay = 0.5 - 5 s
Dimensions = 132 x 45 x 73 mm
Height = 73mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +50°C
Operating Temperature Range = -20 - +50 °C


Product Category
Protective Relays and Monitoring Relays
Operating Temp
122 F (50 C)
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