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3 phase network control relays monitor: the correct sequence of phases L1, L2, L3, the total phase failure - Undervoltage and overvoltage from 2% to 20% of Under Voltage Relay and Asymmetry rate from 5% to 15% of Under Voltage Relay. LEDs are used for fault signalling, if a fault persists for longer than the threshold crossing delay configured by the operator, the output relay opens and the LED R is extinguished.
Control of 3 phase networks: phase sequence, phase failure, imbalance (asymmetry), over and under voltage. Range includes mono-function product and multi function product. Multi-voltage from 3 x 208 to 3 x 480 V. True RMS measurement. LED status indication
Monitoring Application = Phase, Voltage
Supply Voltage = 208 - 480 V ac
Contact Configuration = SPDT
Voltage Sensitivity = Overvoltage, Undervoltage
Electrical Phase = 3
Voltage Sensing Range = 183 - 528 V ac
Phase Sensitivity = Phase Failure, Phase Imbalance, Phase Sequence
Time Delay = 0.1 - 10 s
Minimum Voltage Sensed = 183 V ac
Width = 17.5mm

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