Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for High Voltage Relays

High voltage relays are used to transfer power for high voltage and high frequency applications. They are heavily insulated and consist of strong materials to increase contact life.
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Product Name Notes
Relay;SSR;High Voltage;Cur-Rtg 25A;Ctrl-V 12DC;Vol-Rtg 0-1000DC;Pnl-Mnt;4 Pin -- 70130528
Relay;SSR;High Voltage;Cur-Rtg 25A;Ctrl-V 24DC;Vol-Rtg 0-1000DC;Pnl-Mnt;4 Pin -- 70130529
Relay;SSR;High Voltage;Cur-Rtg 25A;Ctrl-V 24DC;Vol-Rtg 0-800DC;Pnl-Mnt;4 Pin -- 70130532
-30 to +80 °C Ambient Operating Temperature Range, SSC Series Solid State DC Contactors IGBT Output Panel Mount High Voltage IGBT Output Panel Mount High Voltage Internal Overvoltage Protection A...
Relay;Reed;High Voltage;SPST-NO;Cur-Rtg10mA;Ctrl-V 12DC;Vol-Rtg 5000V -- 70213403
Relay;Reed;High Voltage;SPST-NO;Cur-Rtg10mA;Ctrl-V 24DC;Vol-Rtg 5000V -- 70213404
102VX Series High Voltage Switching Relay, SPST-NO Contact Form SPST-NO tungsten contact switches loads up to 10 mA @ 5000 VDC class 102 HV It is epoxy encapsulated high voltage...
Relay;E-Mech;High Voltage;DPDT-NO/NC;Cur-Rtg 2A;Ctrl-V 5DC;Vol-Rtg 30DC;8 Pin -- 70158591 High Capacity Relay, 2 A Rated Current, 220 VDC, 5 VDC Coil Voltage Breakdown voltage between contacts and coil: 2,000 V Surge withstand between contacts and coil: 2,500 V High...
Relay;E-Mech;High Voltage;DPDT-NO/NC;Cur-Rtg 2A;Ctrl-V 12DC;Vol-Rtg 30DC;PCB Mnt -- 70158587
Relay;E-Mech;High Voltage;DPDT-NO/NC;Cur-Rtg 2A;Ctrl-V 24DC;Vol-Rtg 30DC;PCB Mnt -- 70158626
Relay;E-Mech;High Voltage;DPDT-NO/NC;Cur-Rtg 2A;Ctrl-V 4.5DC;Vol-Rtg 30DC;8 Pin -- 70158625
Relay;E-Mech;High Voltage;DPDT-NO/NC;Cur-Rtg 2A;Ctrl-V 5DC;Vol-Rtg 30DC;8 Pin -- 70158588
High Capacity Relays, Gold-Clad Silver Alloy Contact 2000 V breakdown voltage between contacts and coil 2500 V surge withstand between contacts and coil
Relay;E-Mech;High Voltage;DPDT;Cur-Rtg 30A;Ctrl-V 120AC;DIN Rail Mnt;300 Series -- 70184975
Relay;E-Mech;High Voltage;DPDT;Cur-Rtg 30A;Ctrl-V 24DC;Vol-Rtg 277/600 AC, 28 DC -- 70184976
High Current and High Voltage Power Relay, 30 A Current Rating 2 mm contact gaps and 8 mm creepage and clearance Wide spacing between stationary contact terminals ARC barriers between...
Relay;SSR;High Voltage;Cur-Rtg 5A;Ctrl-V 10DC;Vol-Rtg 250DC;Pnl-Mnt;Screw -- 70020730
Relay;SSR;High Voltage;Cur-Rtg 5A;Ctrl-V 32DC;Vol-Rtg 250DC;Pnl-Mnt;Screw -- 70020708
Panel Mount, 1500 VAC (Min.) Dielectric Strength, 603 Series DC Solid-State Relays Fast switching speed is important Floating output eliminates ground loops and signal-level ground noise Low off-state leakage current...
Relay;E-Mech;High Voltage;SPST-NO;Cur-Rtg 200A;Ctrl-V 12DC;Vol-Rtg 400V;Screw -- 70175350
Relay;E-Mech;High Voltage;SPST-NO;Cur-Rtg 200A;Ctrl-V 24DC;Vol-Rtg 400V;Screw -- 70175351
Power Relay Compact and capable of switching high voltage, high current DC loads Unique arc deflection and extinguishing design G9EA Series Are Compact in Size Low Noise Operating Temperature: G9EA...
Relay;E-Mech;High Voltage;SPDT;Cur-Rtg 200mA;Ctrl-V 24DC;Vol-Rtg 5000DC -- 70213418 SPDT-DB-DM Contact, 5 W Power, 158 Series High Voltage Switching Relays Gold flashed 1⁄4 " Dia. Contact 7500 V (RMS) dielectric strength across open contacts SPDT-DB-DM contact. Switches loads up...
Relay;Reed;High Voltage;SPST-NO;Cur-Rtg5mA;Ctrl-V 24DC;Vol-Rtg 10000V -- 70213424 SPST-NO Contact, 5 to 10 mA, 102HVX Series High Voltage Switching Relays 200 Milliohms (Max.) contact resistance Any operating position Epoxy encapsulated enclosure Epoxy encapsulated high voltage reed, SPST-NO tungsten...