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Tapered Caps and Plugs -- T-13X <FLEX>

Tapered Caps and Plugs -- T-13X &lt;FLEX&gt; -- View Larger Image
Tapered Caps and Plugs -- T-13X &lt;FLEX&gt;-Image

Designed to be used as a cap or a plug, the T Series is tapered to fit a wide range of applications to protect from contaminants and debris. May be used for MIL Std, SAE-type fittings, hydraulic and threaded or non threaded fittings.

  • Tapered design
  • Covers a vast range of cap or plug applications
  • Easy to install or remove

Material: Low-density polyethylene
Standard Color: Red
Optional Color: Green for Flex Temp
The T Series is also available in a flexible vinyl for high-temperature applications. Visit the TS Series for more information.

Product Category
Caps, Grips, and Closures
Polyethylene (PE)