Seal Science, Inc. Datasheets for EMI and RFI Shielding

EMI and RFI shielding includes coatings, gaskets, enclosures, sealants, resins and other products or materials that block out electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency (RF) interference.
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Product Name Notes
Circular Flat Washers
Circular Strip Gasket
EMI Channel Strips
EMI Flange-Mount Connector Gaskets
EMI/RFI O-Ring Gasket
Hollow D-Strips
Hollow O-Strips
Hollow P-Strips
Molded, Rectagular D-Frames
Non-Standard O-Ring Gasket
Solid D-Shape Strips
Solid Rectangular Strips
SSI’s engineered electrically conductive elastomers (conductive rubber) provide sealing solutions for mission critical applications that require both environmental and electromagnetic interference, electrostatic discharge, and radio frequency shielding. The incorporation of...