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A-Zoomµ Micro Manual Probing Microscopes

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esigned for streamlined operation and compact integration onto a
multitude of probing stations, the A-Zoomµ Micro offers a high-value
solution for circuit board, semiconductor and flat-panel display probing
without sacrificing features, function or performance.

  • 7:1 parfocal Optical zoom
  • 2X Quick-slider extends Magnification
  • Compact design affords exceptional imaging value and economy for manual probe stations
  • Ergonomic design includes tilting or fixed 10X eyepieces and one-hand magnification adjustment
  • Variety of trinocular and photoport head options offer CCD integration flexibility
  • Easily configured for matching fields-of-view through eyepieces and video (1/2” camera formats)
  • On-Board 10-Watt LED Coaxial (incident) illumination for exceptional brightness & contrast control
  • The Heavy-duty focus block offers 50mm precision travel to establish fine-focus and provide a stable mounting interface for most any probe station

Product Category
Microscope Type
Compound; Laser / Confocal (optional feature)
Optical Technique
Performance Specs
10 to 40 X

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Field of View
Working Distance
Illumination / Electron Emission Type
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