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A-Zoom2 Automated Probing Microscopes -- A-Zoom 2 - 40x

A-Zoom2 Automated Probing Microscopes -- A-Zoom 2 - 40x -- View Larger Image
A-Zoom2 Automated Probing Microscopes -- A-Zoom 2 - 40x-Image

The A-Zoom2 40x single-objective zoom optical brightfield microscope delivers continuous 40:1 variable power magnification for microelectronics inspection, R&D imaging, testing and analysis. Originally designed for electronic probing applications, A-Zoom2 features superior optics to locate and inspect the finest electronic traces using even finer electronic probes, A-Zoom2 features superior optics capable of resolving feature geometry in the sub-micron range.

  • Manual 40:1 Zoom Optics
  • Ergonomic Single-Objective design
  • Select from a variety of Optem LWD Objectives
  • Long-working distance maximize working space around subject
  • Onboard CCD for video imaging
  • 23 mm eyepieces with interoccular adjustment
  • Halogen coaxial illuminator with controller
  • 50 mm heavy-duty focus block
  • Easy integration with most prober stations
  • Compatible with LINOS X95 Rail System and Stages for benchtop mounting.
  • Automated models available
  • Laser-Integrated models available


Product Category
Microscope Type
Compound; Laser / Confocal (optional feature)
Optical Technique
15 to 15000 X
Field of View
Working Distance
Illumination / Electron Emission Type
Eyepiece Style
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