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Micro Lens Process Metrology System -- Compass™

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ZYGO's Compass™ metrology systems set the benchmark for automated, non-contact 3D surface metrology and process control for discrete micro lenses and molds critical to compact imaging systems such as automotive vision systems and cameras for smart phones and tablets.

There are two models of Compass™ systems available, depending on your metrology needs...

  • Compass – ZYGO's advanced solution for precision metrology of micro lens surface form and deviation, topography, and relational/dimensional parameters. This is the ideal choice for applications that require complete characterization of spherical or aspherical micro lenses and their alignment features.
  • Compass RT – A fast and flexible system for precision metrology of micro lens relational/dimensional parameters, plus general profilometry applications. This is the ideal choice when form deviation metrology is not required.
Production-Proven Technologies

At the core of the Compass system is ZYGO's optical profiler technology, based on Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI), which delivers industry-leading precision, versatility and speed for repeatable metrology and production process control. Unique to Compass™ and Compass™ RT are aspheric form and deviation metrology and relational / dimensional metrology of alignment features.

Form and Deviation

  • Full surface, non-contact, 3D mapping of surface form for spherical or aspherical lenses and molds
  • Sub-nanometer height precision of surface form and deviation, with millions of data points
  • Advanced analysis of form deviation from design prescription
  • Rapid and automated identification of process asymmetries
Relational/Dimensional Metrology

  • Quantitative metrology and inspection of mechanical design features on single or dual-sided lens elements
  • Datum and Lens-to-Datum Characterizations
  • Centration interlock diameter
  • Annular datum flatness, thickness, parallelism and wedge
  • Lens apex height, centration, center thickness and apex-to-apex centration
Powerful Analysis Software

The Compass systems are powered by ZYGO's comprehensive Mx™ software platform, providing the key functions of data acquisition, analysis and visualization, and instrument hardware automation. The Compass system's multi-functional architecture supports measurements of a wide range of parts and metrology parameters, including mold pins and discrete lenses.


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