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Steute Ex GFI foot switches are mounted on machines and plants in cases where operation by hand is not possible. They are used to start and stop operations and production processes. The Ex GFI foot switches feature slow action positive break NC contacts and are available with various contact configurations.
Ex zone 1 and 21,Single pedal ,Corrosion-resistant aluminium enclosure,Salt-mist spray test to DIN EN ISO 9227,High degree of protection IP66 / IP67,Temperature resistant from -40 °C to +55 °C,Screws and metal parts made of stainless steel,Wiring compartment,Low pedal height
Contact Configuration = NC/NO
Switch Operation = Slow Action
Case Material = Aluminium
Contact Current Rating = 5 A ac, 200 A dc
Switch Environment = Heavy Duty
IP Rating = IP66, IP67
Contact Material = Silver
Dimensions = 236 x 92 x 70mm
Length = 236mm
Colour = Black, Yellow

Manufacturer Part Number
Ex GFI 1O/1S Extreme
Product Category
Foot Switches
Electrical Switch Specifications
Normally Open; Normally Closed

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