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This Oregon Scientific BAR218HG Weather@Home Bluetooth-enabled weather station displays indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, 12-24 hour Weather Forecast and Moon Phase. Its low-latency rating and 30m (98ft) transmission range means the user can move freely around a building while checking the outdoor temperature and humidity (a wireless outdoor sensor is supplied). The Weather Alert feature shows at a glance what to expect: heat, fog, frost, rain, wind/storm. The BAR218HG features next generation BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, which enables users to communicate directly with the weather station using a Smart Phone App. The App shows temperature and humidity with a 7-day history and a data logger. The stations clock function automatically syncs with the phone, for accuracy, and automatically updates for the start and end of British Summer Time.
Bluetooth technology enables monitoring/recording weather condition on smart phone or tablet as well as at weather station. Displays indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity (outdoor sensor supplied), Forecast, Alerts and Moon Phase. Clock function syncs with phone (for accuracy) and updates for time changes. iPhone 4s (or above) or Bluetooth v4 enabled smart device. Software iOS 5 (or above) or Android 4.3 (or above)
Remote Sensor = Yes
Remote Sensor Type = Thermohygrometer
Interface Type = Bluetooth
Power Source = Battery
Battery Type = AA x 4


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Measures Barometric Pressure
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