IET Labs, Inc. Datasheets for Calibration and Reference Standards

Calibration standards and reference sources include any source that can provide a reference for the calibration of an instrument or comparison of a material or component.
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Product Name Notes
Resistance Temperature Detector -- PRTD A broad range of laboratory grade decade substituters for applications requiring a cost effective programmable impedance unit controlled manually and by a computer.
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PCS-300
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PCS-301
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PLS-400
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PLS-400A
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PRS-200
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PRS-200W
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PRS-201
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PRS-201W
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PRS-202
Programmable Impedence Substituter -- PRS-202W
A broad range of programmable resistance decade boxes for applications requiring a programmable impedance unit, controlled manually and by a computer via an IEEE-488, RS-232 or BCD interface.
High Stability Voltage Reference -- HSVR A highly stable compact voltage reference with a very low temperature coefficient. It is suitable for printed circuit board mounting and whenever precision voltages are required for test, calibration, digital...
High Resistance Standard -- VRS-100 An economical set of precision high resistance standards designed for testing megohmmeters or other instruments; 9 or 10 values up to 10 T? with special Kel-F isolation.
High Resistance 5kV Decade Substituter -- HRRS-5kV
High Resistance Decade Substituter -- HRRS
An economical, high performance, high resistance decade box for all laboratory, test, and calibration needs.
Decade-Inductor Unit -- 940 Each 940 Decade-Inductor Unit is an assembly of four inductors (relative values, 1, 2, 2, 5) wound on molybdenum-permalloy dust cores, which are combined by switching to give the eleven...
Resistance Reference / Working Standard -- SRA
Resistance Reference / Working Standard -- SRX
Economical high performance resistance standards. Designed for use as a reference or working standard in industrial, research, and educational laboratories.
Resistance Reference / Working Standard -- SRC Economical high resistance, high voltage standards for applications requiring values up to 1.9 TOSRC Maximum Voltage: 5000 V.
High Power Decade Resistance Substituter -- HPRS Economical, high performance, high power resistance for a variety of laboratory, test, and calibration needs.
High Accuracy Resistance Substituter -- HARS-A
High Accuracy Resistance Substituter -- HARS-B
High Accuracy Resistance Substituter -- HARS-Q
High Accuracy Resistance Substituter -- HARS-X
High Accuracy Resistance Substituter -- HARS-Z
HARS Series is the best choice when you need a laboratory grade, tight tolerance, high performance resistance decade box that is also cost effective.
Standard Capacitance Reference -- SC High stability cost effective capacitance standards with low temperature coefficient, low losses and a wide range of values.
High Accuracy Standard Resistance -- SRL Highest performance, very low temperature coefficient, highest stability sealed resistance standards.
Standard Capacitor -- 1409 Highly stable cost-effective capacitance standards with low temperature coefficient, low losses and a wide range of values. The GenRad 1409 Standard Capacitor are fixed mica capacitors of very high stability...
Precision Decade Capacitor -- 1413 IET continues to produce the 1413 Series Decade Capacitor to the same exacting specs as GenRad. The 1413 is not only a precision standard, it is a systems component as...
Precision Inductor -- 1482 IET continues to produce the GenRad 1482 Standard Inductor Series to the same exacting specs as General Radio. These inductors are accurate, highly stable standards of self inductance for use...
Digital Potentiometer Voltage Divider -- KVD-500 Kelvin-Varley Voltage divider circuit - more economical than the DP-500. Operates in the same way as the DP-500, except that it has an additional, but variable resistance in series with...
High Resistance Transfer Standard -- HATS-Y
Low Resistance Transfer Standard -- HATS-LR
Make accurate calibrations and transfer measurements over three decades of resistance with the HATS-LR Series.
High Accuracy Standard Resistance -- SRR Reichsanstalt type four-terminal standard resistors for low values of 0.1 or less. These standards are used for accurate current measurements and for comparisons of low resistances.
Decade Resistor -- 1433 The 1433 Decade Resistors are primarily intended for precision measurement applications where their excellent accuracy, stability, and low zero resistance are important. They are convenient resistance standards for checking the...
Inductance Box -- 1491 The 1491 Decade Inductance Box is an assembly of several 940 Decade-Inductor Units in a single metal cabinet. The units have no electrical connection to the panel, but a separate...
Standard Capacitor -- 1408 The continuously improving accuracy of capacitor calibrations by NIST brings a better knowledge of capacitance to standards laboratories provided, of course, the laboratories have adequate reference standards. The 1408 Reference...
CS Series Digital Capacitance Box -- Model CS-300
CS Series Digital Capacitance Box -- Model CS-301
The CS Series Digital Capacitance Box is an economical, indispensable collection of tools with a variety of uses in engineering, design, troubleshooting, or service fields. These are the most widely...
Digital Potentiometer -- DP-500 The DP-500 Series implement a genuine potentiometer circuit. Use this type where needed to substitute for a three terminal potentiometer, where all three terminals are required individually.
Decade Capacitor -- 1417 The GenRad 1417 Four-Terminal Capacitance Standard consists of a 1 µF standard capacitor and two precise inductive voltage dividers used to scale the value of the 1 µF capacitor up...
Low-Loss Variable Air Capacitor -- 1422 The GenRad 1422 is a stable and precise variable air capacitor intended for use as a continuously adjustable standard of capacitance. One of the most important applications is in AC...
High Accuracy Capacitance Substituter -- HACS-Z The HACS-Z provides a wide range of capacitance in increments as low as 1 pF and a total capacitance of up to 10,000 µF. With its high quality, tight tolerance...
Capacitance Bridge -- 1616 the heart of precision. The 1616 is the heart of the 1621 Capacitance Measuring Assembly. The bridge is also available separately for use where oscillator and detector are on hand...
Decade Substituter -- Model LS-400
Decade Substituter -- Model LS-400A
The LS Series are an economical, indispensable collection of tools with a variety of uses in engineering, design, troubleshooting, or service fields.
Decade Substituter -- Model RCS-500
Decade Substituter -- Model RCS-502
The RC-box combines the features and specifications of both the R-box and the C-box in one convenient package. Ideal for setting timers, oscillators, and filters, the resistance and capacitance may...
Electronic Resistance Box -- OS-250
Electronic Resistance Box -- OS-260
Electronic Resistance Box -- OS-270
The revolutionary ohmSOURCE Microprocessor Controlled Resistance Decade Boxes are like nothing you have ever seen before! Microprocessor-controlled and loaded with innovative features, the ohmSOURCE Programmable Resistance Decade Boxes succeeds in...
RS Series Resistance Substitution Box -- Model RS-200
RS Series Resistance Substitution Box -- Model RS-200W
RS Series Resistance Substitution Box -- Model RS-201
RS Series Resistance Substitution Box -- Model RS-201W
The RS Resistance Substitution Box is the most commonly used decade box on the market today. The RS Series Resistance Substitution Box is not only easier to use, but it...
RTD Simulator -- RTD The RTD Simulator Series is ideal where applications of Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) simulation require exact low value resistance without "zero" and contact resistance effects. The RTD-Z-6-.001 exhibits a resistance...
Inductance Standard -- SL The SL Series models are highly stable and cost effective inductance standards with low temperature coefficient, low dc resistance, low losses, and a wide range of values.
Stable Polystyrene Decade Capacitor -- 1412 The wide capacitance range and high resolution of the GenRad 1412-BC capacitance box make it exceptionally useful in both laboratory and test shop. Owing to its fine adjustment of capacitance,...
Standard Capacitor -- 1404 These capacitors have been designed as primary reference standards of capacitance with which working standards can be compared. The GR 1404 Series are the standard of choice in metrology labs,...
Kelvin-Varlley Voltage Divider -- KVD-600
Kelvin-Varlley Voltage Divider -- KVD-700
These standards grade Kelvin-Varley voltage dividers are highly accurate, stable, and linear instruments for use in many applications requiring accurately known voltage or current ratios. In particular, the KVD series...
Precision Decade Capacitor -- 1423-A This decade capacitor is a versatile tool for calibration laboratories and production-line testing. With it a bridge can be standardized to an accuracy exceeded only by that of the highest...
Standard Decade Resistance Substituter -- HARS-L
Standard Decade Resistance Substituter -- HARS-LX
This line represents the highest accuracy version of the IET Labs resistance substituters for use in the most exacting calibration and test applications. A continuous rheostat control is available as...
Decade Capacitor -- 1419 Type 1419 Decade Capacitors are offered in three models using two different dielectric materials to satisfy a variety of needs.
Programmable Voltage and Current Source -- VI-700 Various features and options make the VI-700 an effective choice for many manual and programmable voltage and current source applications.