Thermistors from Littelfuse, Inc.

Glass Coated Chip Thermistors -- GS104J1K

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Glass Coated Chip Thermistors -- GS104J1K-Image

Littelfuse radial leaded glass coated chip thermistors feature excellent long-term stability and reliability as well as a fast thermal response time. They are especially suitable for temperature measurement and control where extreme temperatures, corrosive atmospheres and/or harsh environments are encountered. Their low cost and excellent reliability make them useful for applications ranging from HVAC/R to Industrial Controls to Consumer Appliances.


  • High temperature up to +300°C
  • High stability
  • Solderable lead wires
  • Fast thermal response time


  • Non-standard resistance values and tolerances


  • 0.060” maximum diameter

Product Category
Operating Specifications
Temperature Range
-55 to 300 C (-67 to 572 F)

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Resistance (@25°C)