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A range of 3 versatile adhesives for the fabrication/manufacture of signs & point of sale (POP) displays when using acrylics, polycarbonates, high impact polystyrenes and PETG. The RS IGA range offers these 3 solvented adhesives in handy 250ml sizes to minimise wastage in smaller applications:
AB-1 â€" 1 part (single part) cement formulated to provide excellent bonding of small lap and butt joints on cast acrylics. It is also suitable for polycarbonate, high impact polystyrene and PETG and offers small gap filling qualities.
Application = Bonding
Material Compatibility = Acrylic, PC, PETG, Polystyrene
Colour = Transparent
Acrylic Type = Acrylic
Product Form = Liquid
Package Type = Bottle, Syringe
Package Size = 250 ml
Odour = Pungent
Chemical Composition = Dichloromethane Methylene Chloride, Nitroethane


Product Category
Industrial Adhesives
Chemical System
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