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An industrial grade of epoxy adhesive designed for general application where high strength is required.
For use with metals, wood, glass fibre and many plastics. Mixed adhesive stays usable for 2 hours at room temperature. Cured bond is clearer than that normally associated with epoxies. Bond strength of up to 35 MPa may be achieved with clean, abraded metal surfaces. Full instructions on each pack
Material Compatibility = Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer, Metal, Plastic, Wood
Colour = Yellow
Package Type = Dual Cartridge
Package Size = 30 g
Flame Retardant = Yes
Chemical Composition = 2-Piperazin-1-Ylethylamine, Nonylphenol
Physical Form = Liquid
Special Features = Heat Curing Increases Bond Strength
Odour = Slight

Product Category
Industrial Adhesives
Material System
Chemical System

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