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The Araldite 2012 is a rapid cure, multi-purpose, high viscosity liquid adhesive which provides high strength and toughness. It is perfect for bonding various materials including metal, rubber and glass. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.
Colour - Pale yellow. Room temperature curing, high strength and peel strength. Multi-purpose, versatile with rapid cure
Material Compatibility = Ferrous Metal, Non Ferrous Metal, Rubber, Wood
Colour = Yellow
Package Type = Dual Cartridge
Package Size = 50 ml
Minimum Operating Temperature = +40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +80°C
Trade Name = Araldite 2012
Cure Time = 120 min
Flame Retardant = Yes
Shear Strength = 19 N/mm²

Product Category
Industrial Adhesives
Material System
Chemical System
Material Properties (Nominal / Typical)
Use Temperature
104 to 176 F (40 to 80 C)

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