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Fast curing UV adhesive. Lower viscosity. Optically clear. Bonds glass to glass and glass to metal . Cures when exposed to UV radiation of 365nm wavelength. To obtain a full cure on surfaces exposed to air, radiation at 250nm is also required. Tensile strength 6 to 15N/mm². Dielectric Strength: 50 kV/mm. Thermal conductivity 0.1 W/mK. Resistivity 2 x 10 ^15Ω cm. Full strength achieved after 24 hours @22°C
Trade Name = Loctite 358
Package Type = Bottle
Package Size = 50 ml
Cure Time = 24 (22 °C) h
Thermal Conductivity = 0.1W/mK
Colour = Transparent

Henkel Corporation - Industrial
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Industrial Adhesives
Material System
Chemical System

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