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Rapid epoxy for bonding your projects with minimal effort and time. This quick set two-part epoxy adhesive is supplied in a twin syringe for easy and clean application. Ensuring you accurately create a strong clear bond within minutes, without the guess work of mixing. This high strength and high performance adhesive are used in construction for structural and engineering projects.
Full instructions on each pack, for use with metals, wood, glass and most hard plastics. This type of epoxy adhesives is used by construction and engineering professionals.
Short cure time,Epoxy resin hardener,Dispenses in correct mixing ratio,Easy to apply syringe,Can be used on various materials
Material Compatibility = Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Stone, Wood
Colour = Transparent
Package Type = Dual Cartridge
Package Size = 24 ml
Flame Retardant = No
Odour = Mercaptan
Chemical Composition = Epoxy Resin
Special Features = A Rapid Setting Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive
Viscosity Measurement = 7000 - 13000cP/s
Physical Form = Liquid

Product Category
Industrial Adhesives
Material System
Chemical System

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