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Loctite ®Hysol 3479â„¢ is an aluminum filled, two component epoxy adhesive that is ideal for the repair and recovery of worn and damaged machinery.
Loctite Hysol 3479 A & B is a metal-filled two-components epoxy adhesive. High temperature resistance. Easy to mix. High plasticity, even for parts with complicated dimensions. After curing results in a non-rusting, aluminum-like finish
Material Compatibility = Aluminium
Colour = Grey
Package Type = Tub
Package Size = 500 g
Setting Time = 40min
Minimum Operating Temperature = -20°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +190°C
Trade Name = LOCTITE Hysol 3479
Cure Time = 150 min
Shear Strength = 20 N/mm²


Henkel Corporation - Industrial
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Industrial Adhesives
Chemical System
Use Temperature
-4 to 374 F (-20 to 190 C)
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