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A rapid curing epoxy adhesive loaded with magnetite which bonds and gives mechanical strength and stability.
Supplied in a convenient twin syringe which measures out equal quantities of the viscous liquids. The epoxy gels within 5 mins. and reaches full strength in 24 hr (at 20°C) after mixing. Forms a strong bond to most metal surfaces, filling gaps and holes. May be machined, tapped, filed, etc. Instructions for use are printed on the syringe
Material Compatibility = Metal
Colour = Black
Package Type = Syringe
Package Size = 25 ml
Setting Time = 5min
Cure Time = 24 h
Flame Retardant = Yes
Filler Material = Inorganic
Chemical Composition = Barium Sulphate, Bisphenol A-(Epichlorhydrin), Limestone, Magnesium Carbonate, Talc

Product Category
Industrial Adhesives
Material System
Chemical System

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