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Two metal oxide filled pastes combining the properties of high thermal conductivity and high insulation resistance. This thermal grease adhesive provides an excellent heat transfer between semiconductor devices and heat sinks. Both improve electrical isolation when used in the normal way with insulating washers and reduce time lag in thermostats. Chemically inert, shock absorbent, moisture repellent with long-term stability. One compound contains a silicone base whilst the other relies on synthetic fluids, reducing any contamination risk. The latter is supplied in a 35ml syringe compatible only with precision liquid dispensers using Techcon type consumables.,Stock No: 554-311 is supplied in a 20 ml tube.,Stock No: 503-357 is supplied in a 35 ml syringe.
Type = Heat Sink Compound
Product Material = Metal Oxide
Package Type = Syringe
Package Size = 35 ml
Thermal Conductivity = 0.65W/mK
Maximum Operating Temperature = +130°C
Minimum Operating Temperature = -40°C
Dielectric Strength = 40kV/mm
Operating Temperature Range = -40 - +130 °C
Odour = No Characteristic

Product Category
Industrial Adhesives
Composition & Features
Thermally Conductive

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