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Non-corrosive, 1-part, room temperature vulcanising (RTV) silicone rubber. Retains all physical properties in working temperatures up to 300 ºC. The product is cured rapidly in contact with atmospheric moisture to a tough rubber. Will not corrode copper or its alloys and exhibit excellent primerless adhesion when fully cured.
Very good temperature resistance to +300°C. Excellent adhesion to many substrates. Fast skinning. Solvent free. Ideal for electronics and use on PCBs. No H&S issues
Trade Name = AS1805
Package Type = Cartridge
Package Size = 310 ml
Cure Time = 8 (25 °C) h
Number of Parts = 1
Thermal Conductivity = 0.2W/mK
Colour = Red
Maximum Operating Temperature = +300°C
Minimum Operating Temperature = -50°C
Operating Temperature Range = -50 - +300 °C


Product Category
Industrial Adhesives
Chemical System
Use Temperature
Thermal Conductivity
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